New Directory on Legal Information Industry

A while back, I started collecting links to companies, web sites, or other projects involved in the legal information industry in the sidebar of this blog under the heading “Companies and Projects”. However, I decided to reorganize the sidebar links and I decided to put together a larger industry directory page.

I will try to make the directory expansive enough that it will include traditional legal publishing companies as well as software companies, start-ups, academic projects, and nonprofit projects. Basically, any organizations involved in the legal information industry. The current “Companies and Projects” links on the sidebar will slowly disappear as they are added to the new directory.


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Edward Bryant

I am a Chicago-based web developer who is currently focused on working in JavaScript and Python. I am also lawyer who spent several years working in the legal and tax industry, where I also did some web development. As a result, my blog covers a mix of topics, such as web development, programming, and legal data. I am currently looking to move into a full-time developer role (for more info see my portfolio).

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    1. Thanks for pointing out Jason’s post. I am not sure I will go so far as to add blawgs, but I might try to incorporate some of his other ideas, as it grows in size.

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