Lexis Advance Launch, Feedback

Robert Ambrogi @ the Law Sites blog has posted some good information about the new Lexis Advance platform, which was formally launched yesterday. While Greg Lambert @ 3 Geeks and a Law Blog posted about some of what he think Lexis is doing right and an explanation of how he thinks Lexis Advance represents the integration of the company’s legal platform with their High-Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC) analytics tool.

A lot of the discussion about the new Lexis platform seemed focused on how they plan to transition their users but I am more interested in how popular some of the new user interface features, such as visual Shepards or the new search history, are with users. Lexis does intend to charge users extra for the visual Shepards feature but it appears it will be free for current customers during the transition. While I think there are many interesting new ways to visually present legal data to users, I don’t agree with the idea that an improved visual display is something for which you should charge extra. If a user pays for access to the Shepard’s citator data, different presentations hsould not cost extra. Just think of the ridiculous scenerios that would happen if you applied this logic to print — is readable typography or layout a feature?

Visual Shepards Display

new search history display

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